Types Of Cotton Fabric

Different Types of Cotton Fabric

Quilting Cotton

Quilting cottons, also known as craft cottons, patchwork cottons, or printed cottons, are light to medium weight cottons with a plain weave. Quilted cotton textiles are a tightly woven fabric that may be used to make shirts, tunics, aprons, blankets, quilts, dresses, and skirts.

Brushed Cotton

Flannel or flannelette are terms used to describe brushed cotton. It’s a medium-weight cotton fabric with surface fibers that have been brushed on one side, giving it a wonderfully soft and warm look and feel. It is most commonly used for casual shirts, children’s apparel, and linings for beds, comic coats, and jackets. It is available in plain, checked printed, or stripe material. When it comes to nightgowns and pajamas, lightweight flannelette is frequently employed.

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton, which is considered a higher-end form of cotton fabric, has longer fibers than normal cotton. Pima cotton produces a silky smooth fabric that is extremely pleasant to the touch. It tends to be wrinkle-resistant and long-lasting. This fabric is used to make a variety of goods, including bed sheets and undergarments.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is the best grade cotton fabric and is used to manufacture a variety of items, including greater thread count bed sheets, which many people prefer to sleep on over other types of sheets. Anything manufactured from this sort of cloth will cost a bit extra at the checkout counter.


A cotton twill weave fabric may be used to make a variety of materials, including linen, denim, chino, and gabardine. Pants, coats, skirts, and a variety of other garments are made from it. It is recognized by its weave pattern, which creates diagonal lines in the cloth, and it is strong and long-lasting. Because of its durability, cotton twill is also used to make several types of upholstery fabric.

Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn is a clean, silky lightweight cotton fabric with a simple weave. It might be extremely sheer, but because to the tiny weave, it is quite robust. Blouses, children’s clothing, tablecloths, and blankets are all common usage.

Organic Cotton

When cotton is cultivated by cotton farmers, organic cotton fabric is manufactured without the use of synthetic fibers and is typically devoid of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.

Knitted Fabric

Multiple yarns are used to make a woven fabric, crossing over each other at right angles to create the fabric’s grain. Knitted fabric is made with one single yarn that is looped continuously to create a braided look, and woven fabric is made with multiple yarns that are looped continuously to create a braided look.

Stretching is a method of determining whether or not a cloth is woven or knit. Men’s and women’s button-up shirts, jeans and trousers, and even denim jackets are all manufactured from knitted fabric woven with many yarns.

Button-up shirts, trousers, jeans, and denim jackets are examples. Women’s leggings, T-shirts, sweaters, and certain lingerie are examples of knit fabric made from a single yarn.

Levant Cotton

Levant cotton is made from the Gossypium herbaceum cotton plant’s Levant seeds, which are also utilized in feed, oil extraction, and food. Many commercial cotton producers utilize it to make clothes and other things, and it is termed Old World cotton.

Wool Fabric

Cotton wool fabric combines the greatest qualities of both types of fibers: cotton and wool. This combines the softness of cotton with the durability and strength of wool fibres. No matter what season it is outdoors, this sort of cotton mix may be worn all year. Tweed, chenille, brocade, and velvet are all examples of high-end apparel made from cotton and wool mixes.


Poplin, also known as cotton broadcloth, is a medium-weight cotton fabric with a tight weave that is simple to work with while sewing. It’s really adaptable, and it’s frequently used to make blouses, dresses, and shirts. It might be a 100% cotton blend or a mix of cotton and polyester.

Linen Fabric

Linen cotton blend fabric is light to medium-weight and very soft. It’s usually made out of a 50/50 combination of linen and cotton. It has the look and feel of linen but is more durable and less likely to wrinkle.

Clothing consisting of linen and cotton might irritate your skin a bit. Skirts, sheets, coats, and dresses are some of the items made from linen cotton fabric.

Silk Fabric

A lightweight fabric with a blend of silk and cotton weave that is incredibly soft to the touch and has the drape and sheen of silk. It’s most commonly used to produce blouses and dresses.

Sea Island Cotton

Sea Island cotton is the world’s rarest cotton fabric variety, as well as one of the best. It has a velvety shine and feels fantastic next to your skin because of its delicate, homogenous texture. Sea Island cotton is used in a range of items, including high-end men’s boxer shorts.


Voile is a lightweight, sheer fabric that is usually composed of 100% cotton or cotton combined with linen or polyester. It’s an extremely light cotton fabric with a name derived from the French word for veil. This cloth is commonly used for mosquito netting and sheer window curtains in hot, tropical areas.

Poly Cotton

Polycotton is generally a 50/50 combination of polyester and cotton, although it can also be a 65/30 blend of cotton and polyester. It’s a very light plain-weave fabric that’s sturdy, resilient, and wrinkle-resistant; nevertheless, it’s less breathable than other cotton textiles, so it might get hot and make you sweat if you wear it in the summer. It’s frequently utilized in the production of children’s apparel, skirts, and aprons.

Madras Cotton

Madras cotton is a light cotton with a variety of colors and designs. It is possible to weave it by hand. Cotton from Madras wrinkles readily. It’s made for casual use and requires hand washing and ironing with a hot iron.


A stretch fabric is a jersey or cotton knit. T-shirts, blouses, and skirts made of cotton knit are popular in sportswear. To accommodate the fabric’s stretch, use a ballpoint needle and a zigzag stitch setting while sewing cotton knit. It’s a versatile fabric that’s also machine washable.


Chino, sometimes known as drill, is a durable fabric with a twill weave and a subtle sheen. Chinos are often beige, blue, or black in color. It works well in work garments, pants, and uniforms that need to be durable. Chino may be machine washed in hot water and ironed.


Cotton is grown all over the world from the cotton plant. Nothing goes to waste because the fibers originate from one of the greatest natural resources. The cotton fabric is created from the ball, the seeds are utilized for animal feed, the cotton seed is used to make oil, and the stalks are returned to the soil for the following harvest. When you purchase different varieties of cotton, you are helping to produce one of nature’s most valuable natural resources.

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