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Here are our recommendations based on the different types of machine from both brands.

Should I buy a Pfaff or Bernina sewing machine model?

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  • Quilting machines:
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  • Embroidery machines:

Pfaff vs Bernina


Pfaff is popular for its development, trend setting innovation, and German plan. With a praised history of unrivaled plan and designing, Pfaff sewing machines are the world’s preeminent machines.

For north of 150 years, Pfaff has created premium sewing machines recognized by their complex appearance, prevalent execution and showing extreme plan opportunity. Offering a wide assortment of machines pointed toward addressing the necessities of every novel sewing venture, Pfaff has a machine at each cost point.


Bernina International AG is an exclusive worldwide producer of sewing and weaving frameworks. The organization creates, makes, and sells labor and products for the material market, fundamentally family sewing-related items in the fields of weaving, stitching, home materials, piece of clothing sewing, and making.

Bernina International AG has been one of the world’s driving sewing and weaving machine producers for over 125 years. Bernina sewing machines are involved worldwide by individuals intensely for sewing.

Similarities and Differences: Pfaff vs Bernina

With regards to machine highlights, they fluctuate significantly relying upon what the necessities are; for instance, sewing as opposed to stitching versus weaving machine. Each model will likewise change the extent of the extras that it accompanies and what the actual machine is prepared to do.

Since it’s difficult to look at the highlights of each model due to having such countless models accessible, it is not difficult to think about a portion of the elements that are standard to all machines just as different advancements and programming that the organization offers.

All Pfaff machine models have the Integrated Dual Feed System. The slogan of Pfaff is ‘Flawlessness’ and that is the thing that the IDT System plans to do. This component of Pfaff sewing machines guarantees that one gets amazing creases each time and that textures don’t pucker, stretch, or in any case move under the needle.

It is an incredible component to have for sewists who utilize a ton of textures, however quilters might appreciate it significantly more due to having many pieces that need to fit together flawlessly. Different elements special to Pfaff incorporate Activstitch Technology, which guarantees amazing join and creases, and Shape and Stitch Creator, the two of which are elements of their Creative line of weaving machines.

The critical exceptional component of Bernina sewing machines is the Bernina Hook. The Bernina Hook is a halfway-positioned driver which permits the machine to sew more exact fasteners with velocities of up to 1,000 lines each moment.

The bobbin additionally has a higher string limit with the goal that one can sew for longer. Other one of a kind elements incorporate the Stitch Regulator, which guarantees reliable join and the DesignWorks programming, which is extraordinary for planning and carrying out one’s own examples.

To the extent which brand has the best highlights, I think it relies upon one’s own sewing needs. Quilters would profit from Pfaff’s IDT framework, while the individuals who have a ton of sewing activities might incline toward Bernina in view of the Hook and the Stitch Regulator.

As far as usefulness, there is next to no contrast among Pfaff and Bernina. The two organizations sell machines with a wide scope of capacities. So assuming one necessitates sewing, stitching, or weaving, or one that fills different needs, there are a lot from the two brands to look over.

The two of them have manual and modernized sewing machines also. Assuming you don’t have a clue, the significant contrast is that automated sewing machines work off of a PC rather than you controlling everything. Obviously, there are even some modernized machines that are further developed than others. Be that as it may, all things considered, it’s difficult to figure out which brand is better founded on usefulness alone.

In the event that one is lacking in space or needs to go with the machine, then, at that point, compactness ought to be a significant thought prior to purchasing. Pfaff has two smaller and convenient sewing machine models, Passport 2.0 and Passport 3.0, that are intended to be conveyed anywhere.

The Passport 2.0 weighs around 14 pounds and has 70 underlying lines. The Passport 3.0 is somewhat greater, weighing around 15 pounds and it has 100 inherent joins.

Then again, Bernina has five conservative and convenient models. Each conservative machine shifts in size and join count, yet the greatest speed of the smaller models is 900 lines each moment.

A large portion of their conservative models are intended for sewing, however one is intended for sewing and knitting. Generally, with regards to versatility, Bernina is by all accounts the better decision assuming one prefers choices while picking a convenient sewing machine, particularly one for knitting.

However, the Pfaff convenient sewing machines appear to be a smidgen more reduced and simpler to go with.

Fastens each moment is one more classification in which figuring out which is better relies upon the specific model. In any case, as a rule, Pfaff machines appear to have lower speeds than Bernina machines.

Some Pfaff models have speeds as quick as 800 fastens each moment, while a portion of the bigger Bernina machines have paces of up to 1,000 lines each moment. Indeed, even a portion of the minimized Bernina machines have rates of up to 900 joins each moment.

On the off chance that one needs a quicker machine or has a great deal of activities that need to finish all the more rapidly, Bernina appears to enjoy the benefit the extent that speed goes.

Also both Pfaff and Bernina have gained notoriety for making sewing machines that can keep going seemingly forever. The more costly machines will quite often be more solid, while the more affordable machines likely will not be as sturdy.

Despite the fact that the conservative machines are more modest and more convenient, they probably will not be as strong either, particularly assuming one doesn’t ensure them while voyaging. However, generally speaking, it’s difficult to figure out which brand has better solidity since the two of them can keep going for a really long time as long as they are all around dealt with.

Very much like the two brands are solid, they are both great machines. That is the reason these two brands have had the option to remain in business for more than 100 years.

Both of these brands produce machines with many elements, and they are continually hoping to advance to make better and more imaginative items.

Likewise with strength, quality is typically equivalent to what one pays for it. More costly models are probably going to be made with more excellent materials and accompany more extras and further developed elements. Generally speaking, they are both exceptional and imaginative in their own particular manners, however it’s difficult to say which is better on the grounds that the two organizations have a solid obligation to greatness and the fulfillment of their clients.

These two brands are truly equivalent as far as cost and neither one of the ones is essentially more reasonable than the other.

Both have sewing machines that reach in cost from a couple hundred dollars to great many dollars. The cost simply relies upon whether the machine is electronic or manual and different highlights and adornments that it accompanies.

Electronic machines will cost more than manual ones basically on the grounds that they are all the more cutting edge. Moreover, machines intended for cutting edge sewists are probably going to cost more.

The service and guarantee is one region where one of these brands is better compared to the next. While both are focused on guaranteeing their clients are fulfilled and giving the assets should have been fruitful with sewing, one additionally needs to ask yourself what occurs in the event that your machine quits working.

Pfaff’s sewing machines just have a 2-year guarantee or a 5-year guarantee assuming you dwell in a country in the United Kingdom, paying little heed to the issue that happens with the machine. Then again, Bernina has a 2-year guarantee for electrical parts, a five-year guarantee for circuit sheets, and a 20-year guarantee for mechanical parts.

The two organizations have machines intended for novice, halfway, and progressed sewists. Furthermore, each organization site gives assets, recordings, and programming for sewists to assist them with dominating their art.

Popular Models : Pfaff vs Bernina

Pfaff Performance Icon

The Performance Icon is one of Pfaff’s most famous sewing machine models, and it has the biggest work area of any sewing machine available. This mechanized sewing machine is outfitted with ActivStitch innovation, complete with worked in sensors to assist with controlling the string.

This sewing machine is likewise outfitted with a programmed needle threader and the Pfaff IDT innovation, and the touch screen PC is viable with WiFi. The Stitch Creator highlight permits one to make new fastens or alter existing ones to customize your undertakings.


  • Large work area
  • Wifi connectivity


Need lot of space

Bernina 770 QE 

The 770 QE is one of Bernina’s most well known sewing machine models. This machine has both sewing and knitting usefulness. It accompanies an interwoven foot and can even deal with enormous quiltmaking.

It is an electronic machine outfitted with the Bernina Hook and it even has a sewing and stitching instructional exercise. Different highlights of this machine incorporate sewing rates of up to 1,000 join each moment, LED sewing lights, a shading contact screen, and north of 200 underlying lines. The bobbin can hold up to 70% more string than other sewing machines.


  • Sewing and quilting
  • Fast sewing speed


require a software upgrade for advanced features

Serger Models : Pfaff vs Bernina

Pfaff Coverlock 4.0

The Coverlock 4.0 is one of Pfaff’s most developed sergers. To the extent usefulness goes, it has an enormous sewing space to give you more space to work. The LCD contact screen makes it simple to choose your fastener, then, at that point, consequently sets the joint length and string pressure with the bit of a button.

This serger can up to five-string serging and has 25 inherent joins. It accompanies a ton of embellishments too.


  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Large sewing space


Dealership is low

Bernina L 860

The Bernina L 860 is one of their most well known sergers. One of the key elements is the Air Threader, which permits one to string the machine in just one stage.

It additionally has a touch screen that considers simple programming and has two distinct modes, Expert and Guided, contingent upon the experience level.

For instance, this serger can close up to 1,500 fastens each moment and can set aside 100 lines in the machine’s memory.


  • Fast sewing speed
  • Easy and comfortable to use


Not available everywhere

Embroidery Machines : Pfaff vs Bernina

Pfaff Creative Icon

The Creative Icon is Pfaff’s most progressive weaving machine to date. It has north of 800 weaving plans, with 42 of them being restrictive.

The 10-inch full-shading contact screen is tablet-sized and is not difficult to see and utilize. WiFi availability additionally guarantees that your undertakings are protected.

Like the other Pfaff machines, it is likewise furnished with the IDT framework to guarantee a wonderful join without fail.


  • 800+ designs
  • Large touch screen


Only 2-year warranty

Bernina 880 Plus

The Bernina 880 Plus is a best in class weaving machine with an unimaginably huge work area and progressed weaving highlights to make any undertaking simple and helpful.

A portion of the weaving highlights incorporate Enhanced Editing, Total Embroidery Stitch Control, and Pinpoint Placement.

This machine likewise has completely programmed stringing with sewing paces of up to 1,200 fastens each moment.


  • Large workspace
  • Enhanced embroidery features



Which is better?

There is almost no distinction in reasonableness, quality, and solidness of Pfaff and Bernina sewing machines. The two organizations offer machines for different uses and experience levels, and individual highlights shift contingent upon the model.

Of the two organizations, Bernina appears to have the better guarantee strategy. In any case, the choice is dependent upon you and your inclinations and spending plan.

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