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Janome Bobbins

Are All Janome Bobbins The Same?

Although they may appear to be identical at first glance, different brands of bobbins differ in diameter, height, depth, and form. Original Janome bobbins come with every new Janome machine and are guaranteed to be authentic Janome bobbins.

What Type Of Bobbin Does Janome Use?

You can use a bobbin made of a mix of plastic and rubber for Janome machines. This combination maintains the thread in place, absorbs vibrations, and lowers machine noise.

Can You Use Metal Bobbins In A Janome Sewing Machine?

One of the advantages of Janome is that its bobbins are compatible with a wide range of sewing machine types. In reality, the bobbin is used by practically all of their current sewing machines.

Metal bobbins are used on the Quilt Maker Pro 18 and AQSD-16, however, this may not be the case for all of their sewing machines.

Metal bobbins are often superior to plastic bobbins. As a result, metal bobbins may be used in your sewing machine. Metal bobbins are superior for a variety of reasons.

For starters, they are more durable. You should use a metallic bobbin if you want a bobbin that will last a long time.

Furthermore, metal bobbins are more resistant to stitching pressure than plastic bobbins. Many people are drawn to metallic choice as a result of this.

What Size Is A Janome Bobbin?

All Janome sewing machines, as well as Janome-made Elna and Kenmore sewing machines, accept Class 15 bobbins. (Class 15 bobbins have a height of 11mm.)

Is Janome Bobbins Class 15?

Yes, Janome bobbins are classified as class 15 bobbins. The bobbins that arrive with each new Janome machine are guaranteed to be authentic Janome bobbins and are class 15 in size.

They’re the correct size and form to fit snugly in your Janome sewing machine, providing flawless stitches and a more enjoyable sewing experience.

Are Janome Bobbins Universal?

Yes, they are universal. Janome Plastic Bobbins are made to suit all Janome home use models. Janome bobbins are classified as class 15 bobbins.

They’re the correct size and form to fit snugly in your Janome sewing machine, providing flawless stitches and a more enjoyable sewing experience.

It was made in a universal size to make it easy for the user to change or replace a bobbin.

Can Janome Use Singer Bobbins On Janome Sewing Machine?

There is no one bobbin type used by all types of machines; bobbins are model specific, and different brands might utilize the same bobbins. There is no one-size-fits-all response to this question.

I’m very sure you can’t use Singer bobbins on a Janome machine. They are not interchangeable.


Are Brother And Janome Bobbins The Same?

Most Brother sewing machines utilize Class 15 or SA156 bobbins, which implies that this bobbin size is compatible with most models.

It’s arguably the most popular size at 11.5mm or 7/16-inch-deep bobbins, based on the huge list of Brother sewing machines that utilize it.

However, the simplest way to figure out what size bobbin to use is to consult your model’s handbook. It is also the same size class as Janome bobbins. 

Where Can I Buy Janome Bobbins?

If you want to buy it from an online buying site, you may do it in a variety of methods. Amazon is a fantastic alternative, and it is always running promotions. Walmart should also be taken into account.


Janome bobbins are compatible with all domestic Janome machines and are a must-have for any sewist using a Janome sewing machine. Use only bobbins that are the same class/style as those that come with your machine and always read the user manual before switching to a different class of bobbin.

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