How Long Do Sewing Machines Last? (Explained)

If you use sewing machines on a daily basis, you must be worried about your sewing machine getting worn out, and you must be really conscious about how long it will last before breaking down completely. Here are some factors which may help us decide the lasting of your sewing machine

Normally any sewing machine is known to last for 10 – 25 years, but it may extend quite long with proper care and maintenance and some other factors.

Moreover if you use your sewing machines carelessly, it is likely to break down much earlier than expected. Sewing machines are really sophisticated nowadays and hence need to taken care of properly.

Covering the sewing machine while not is use is very necessary and taking it for regular yearly or monthly repairs can also be a good take to keep your sewing machine from breaking down early.

How Long Does Branded Sewing Machines Last?

Sometimes the life span of a sewing machine also depends on the particular brand as it involves the quality of materials used.

Singer companies sewing machines are known to last for 15 to 25 years, it may also extend with proper care and maintenance. 

Brother company, which is a Japanese brand is known for it’s reliable and durable sewing machines, and their machines last for some 10 to 20 years with proper care.

Janome sewing machines, which is again a quite popular brand in sewing machines, produces good quality machines which may last for about 10-20 years or more with proper maintenance and technical attention.

Juki, the most popular sewing machine brand in operation from 1983 is known for it’s industrial quality machines and produces high-quality, durable machines which are known to last for over 20-30 years and even more with proper maintenance and care.

What Is The First Thing That Breaks In A Sewing Machine?

Most commonly it is found that the needle of a sewing machine is the first thing to breaks off, or it might become dull and bent which can be a reason for the machines poor functioning. The machine may skip stitches, break thread or may also damage the fabric in use.

At times if your bobbin case is placed incorrectly it might also result in breaking the needle, as the needle might hit it while operating if the bobbin case isn’t locked properly in place. Feed dogs can also be worn out with regular use and poor maintenance which may affect the fabric feeding process.

Belts can also be worn out due to excessive stress and tension on them.

How To Expand The Life Span Of Your Sewing Machine?

Only with proper care and maintenance the life span of a sewing machine can be stretched to few more years. 

  • Cleaning and oiling your machine regularly keeps your machine running smooth.
  • Correct storage of the machines is very necessary to avoid dust and debris accumulation which might slow down the operations of the machine parts.
  • Make sure to use needles of the correct size to avoid needle breaking, good quality threads are also recommended.
  • If you get any trouble with your sewing machine, immediately take it for repair to a experienced technician. If possible taking your machine for yearly or monthly repairs can also be a huge step in increasing it’s lifespan.
  • Make sure you don’t push your machine beyond it’s limits to stitch heavy fabrics which are not meant for the particular machine type. As this might strain the machine parts causing them to break down early.


Apart from brands, it is one’s own responsibility to take care of a sewing machine, using good-quality needles, threads and parts for your sewing machine is also necessary to prevent unecessary wear and tear of the machine. 

Storing in a proper case is also recommended to avoid dust and rust in the iron parts. 

Tuning up your machine at least once in a year is also a good take on the maintenance practice.

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