5 Best Longarm Quilting Machine (2024 Reviews)

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Best Longarm Quilting Machines

1. JUKI TL-2000Qi

The JUKI TL-2000Qi quilting and sewing machine is a popular choice for quilters and sewing enthusiasts for their quilting and other sewing projects. The sewing machine is easy to handle and comes with a total weight of 25.4 pound and dimensions of 8.6”D17.38”W13.8”H. It is a straight stitch sewing machine which makes it particularly well-suited for quilting and other sewing tasks that requires precise stitching.

This machine is known for its high sewing speed which you can easily adjust using the speed control slider that is available in the quilting machine. It can be handy for quilters who want to work quickly or those who want to work slowly for more intricate work. Additionally, the JUKI TL-2000Qi quilting machine comes with a large extension table which provides additional workspace for quilters to manage large quilting projects.

Automatic threader trimmer is another excellent feature of the JUKI TL-2000Qi quilting machine. The machine often features an automatic thread trimmer that cuts both the top and bobbin threads with the push of a button. This not only saves your time but also makes your quilting process more efficient. The machine also provides thread tension adjustment that allows you to fine-tune the tension for different types of threads and fabrics.

The machine comes with a foot pedal for controlling the sewing speed, giving you hands-on control over your stitching pace. Also, it offers presser foot adjustment that allows you to control how firmly the presser foot holds the fabric. It can be helpful when you want to work with different types of fabrics.


It is ideal for the ones who are professional quilters. You need to change all the settings manually. So if you are a beginner to quilting then it is not an ideal quilting machine for you.

2. Handi Quilter Amara ST 20

The Handi Quilter Amara ST 20 is a stationery longarm quilting machine that is especially designed for the individuals who want to tackle larger quilting projects. The total dimension of the quilting machine is 25”D12”W12”H. It is a completely electric machine and has the capability to give output of up to 2,500 stitches per minute. The machine has an extended throat space that allows quilters to work on larger quilts with great ease.

One of the standout features of the Handi Quilter Amara ST 20 machine is its stitch regulation option. The stitch regulation helps to maintain consistent stitch length regardless of the movement speed of the quilter. It can be useful for achieving professional-looking results. Additionally, it comes with adjustable handles that facilitates you to find a comfortable position and grip while working.

The Handi Quilter Amara ST 20 is available with a quilting frame which provides the necessary support and structure for maneuvering the machine across the quilt. The frame facilitates the option of free-motion quilting and the option to use computerized designs and pantographs for automated quilting. Also, there are LED lights to illuminate the quilting area and provide clear visibility of the stitching and fabric.

The machine uses a bobbin system that facilitates you to do efficient quilting without the need of frequent bobbin change. It has touchscreen quilting controls using which you can easily adjust settings, select stitch modes, and access various other features.


The major drawback of the Handi Quilter Amara ST 20 machine is its cost. It is quite expensive to purchase for intermediate quilters. However, it is worth purchasing as it comes with a wide set of unique features.

3. Janome Quilt Maker 18

The Janome Quilt Maker 18 is a powerful quilting that can take your quilting journey to the next level. The sewing machine is an innovative production of Janome, a well-known brand and the leader in the sewing industry. This longarm quilting machine offers 18” quilting space and has an LED screen. The total distance between the top and bottom arm of the machine is 8.5”. It has the capability to produce 2,200 stitches per minute and has a built-in telescopic thread stand.

There are two stitch regulation modes in Janome Quilt Maker 18: Cruise and Precision and have 4 basting stitch options: ½”, 1”, 2”, 4”. Additionally, the quilting machine has LED lighting mounted on the front handlebars sides and a LED light ring mounted above the needle. There are three customizable presets in the manual speed mode. The front handlebars of the machine have a digital touchscreen display to ease your process of quilting and has the capability to count your stitches.

Other than the above features, the quilting machine has two different methods of loading: low method for better visibility while using rulers and high method for a standard “quilt in the trough” experience. Also, the height of the frame is easily adjustable and you can customize it according to your quilting needs. Furthermore, the quilting machine has an independent bobbin winder and convenient magnetic storage strips.

Overall, the machine is made-up of powder coated, high-quality steel for a firm base longarm quilting. The ProFrame 8 easily extends to the length of 10-foot with the additional extension of a 2-foot extension kit. There are a few additional features of the Janome Quilt Maker 18, including needle stop position control, built-in diagnostics, project timer and quilting alarm, bobbin-use estimator and low-bobbin alarm, etc.


Although the Janome Quilt Maker 18 is an ideal machine for carrying out the quilting process and comes with a variety of features, it also has a few drawbacks. The machine has no automatic needle threader and the tension control of the quilting machine is also a bit tricky due to the manual process.

4. Grace Q’nique 16X

The Grace Q’nique 16X is another longarm quilting machine manufactured by The Grace Company, a company well-known for its quilting frames and accessories. It is specifically designed for the quilters and is generally used for free-motion quilting and other quilting techniques. The Q’nique 16X quilting machine comes with the product dimensions of 36”D25”W13”H and is known for its ample throat space which provides you the ease to perform large quilts and other intricate quilting designs.

It has the feature of stitch regulation that helps you to maintain consistent stitch lengths throughout the fabric. There are a variety of built-in quilting patterns and designs that the machine offers. Also, the Q’nique 16X features a LED touchscreen interface that makes it easier for the quilters to select settings, adjust the stitch options, and navigate through the other features of the quilting machine easily and quickly.

Like other quilting machines, this machine also allows you to adjust the stitching speed to match up your project requirements and your comfort level. It is designed in such a way that it is user-friendly and easy to maintain, assemble, disassemble, and clean. There are ergonomic handles on the machine that help in reducing the stress to your shoulders, arms, and hands so that you can quilt as long as you wish.

One of the excellent features of the Grace Q’nique quilting machine is its frame compatibility. The machine is compatible with various quilting frames that The Grace Company offers, allowing you to create a setup that suits your quilting needs. It comes with Q-Zone Queen quilting frame, a high-quality quilting frame including quilt clips for easy fabric control.


The drawback of the Grace Q’nique quilting machine is its learning curve. As there are many features of the machine, some users might find it challenging to learn how to fully utilize the capabilities of the machine.

5. Juki HZL-NX7 Next Generation

The Juki HZL-NX7 Next Generation longarm quilting and sewing machine is a part of the Juki quilting machine lineup. It is designed for quilters and sewers who want a machine with advanced features and a larger workspace for larger quilting projects. As it is a longarm quilting machine, it has extended throat space to work on large quilt projects and provides greater ease of quilting. The total item weight is 43.5 pounds and its total dimension is 9.45”D22.64”W12.2”H.

It has an advanced needle threading system that perfectly pushes the thread through the needle and a convenient, jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin. The machine provides accurate feed and perfect stitching when sewing heavy weight fabric, quilting and multiple layers of weight. It has an extended throat space that allows you to comfortably handle larger quilting projects without bunching them up or getting in the way.

The Juki HZL-NX7 Next Generation comes with a variety of built-in quilting designs and patterns that enables you to add intricate and decorative stitches to your quilts. Also, it has a touchscreen interface that gives you early and easy access to stitch selection, settings, and other machine functions. Furthermore, it has adjustable speed control that facilitates you to set the sewing speed according to your quilting needs.


It is less durable in comparison to other JUKI quilting machines. Also, sometimes there may be difficulty with the needle threader to catch the thread. However, this is a minor drawback not a major one.


The world of quilting is taken to a whole new level with longarm quilting machines. After exploring this article, you have discovered some of the top contenders for the best longarm quilting machines. The choice among those machines depends on your specific quilting needs, whether it is professional-grade precision, intricate design work, or quilting for personal enjoyment. When choosing a longarm quilting machine, consider different factors like throat space, frame options, stitch regulations. budget, etc. Longarm quilting machines offer quilters the power to create stunning and large-scale quilts with precision and efficiency.


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