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Our Team

Alora Wilson

Founder & Editor

Alora Wilson, residing in the vibrant city of Chicago, USA, is a seasoned artisan in the world of sewing. With over a decade of expertise, she delves into the intricacies of dressmaking, draping, and patternmaking.

Alora’s mastery and passion for the craft shine through, inspiring a community of sewing enthusiasts.

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Shelly Moore


Shelly Moore, a seasoned quilting artisan residing in Minnedosa, Canada, is the creative force behind the renowned blog, Ma Tante Quilting. With a wealth of expertise in quilting, Shelly weaves intricate narratives through fabric, transforming her passion into timeless art. Embracing tradition with a contemporary touch, her work resonates globally.


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Anastasia, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is the talent behind wns-academy. Renowned for her mastery in embroidery, she shares her expertise on her blog, creating a space where creativity blossoms. Join Anastasia’s journey to discover the artistry and joy woven into the fabric of her embroidery expertise.

Instagram, Youtube

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Simply Daisy


Simply Daisy, a crochet maestro, transforms threads into masterpieces with seasoned expertise. Her skillful hands craft intricate wonders, weaving a tapestry of creativity. Join Daisy’s journey into the world of crochet excellence on Youtube.

Instagram, Twitter

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How Sewingstudy.com Can Help You ?

Why trust a shopkeeper when they could be biased? For the most objective and unbiased advice, head to sewingstudy.com! 

This blog is where you can get insider secrets from industry veterans who have been sewing and crafting for years or top sewing experts with years of experience in this field.

They offer no fluff here just insanely actionable pieces that will save your money while still keeping you satisfied as well as being educated about what’s best for yourself on sewing and clothing purchases.

You’ve heard it before, you won’t get an honest opinion from a shopkeeper and online stores who sell sewing machines. Not because they are dishonest but rather all commissioned and will push for the features that earn them more money. 

That is why sewingstudy has come to your rescue with insider secrets from fashion and sewing industry veterans who have certified degrees in sewers–no fluff or high-level advice here just insanely actionable tips.

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